Thots & Shares Podcast
“Thots & Shares is a body-positive podcast on Chicago Drag, Social Media Shares, and That Ho Over There. New episodes will come to you every Tuesday and feature some of the many incredible musicians, drag queens and sexy thots Chicago has to offer. We’ll discuss trending topics on social media and act as a platform for dialogue on the issues that matter most to our community.”


Your Host — Dakota Conduct
“Dakota Conduct is new to the Chicago drag scene but has already left her mark on the city. As a corporate strategy professional by day, and drag queen by night, Dakota Conduct not only slays on stage but has a knack for marketing, networking, and media production. She has been featured in music videos, a full-length documentary, been the subject of artists at the Lillstreet Art Center, and has performed all over North America, from LA to New Orleans to Montreal. She is originally from Washington DC, lived in New York City, but now calls Chicago home and the best city in the world.”


Why did Dakota Conduct start Thots & Shares?
“I’ll come out and say it: Chicago has THE best drag scene in the world. We are home to some of the biggest and best names in drag, to some of the most talented kings and queens, and we showcase variety like no other city. We welcome bearded queens, big girl queens, club kid queens…you name it, it’s in Chicago. But we don’t have a place to have raw dialogue on what is going on in the city and how drag is evolving. I am setting out to create that space.” — Dakota Conduct

“We live in politically turbulent times. I started drag as a response to the Trump presidency. This is my way of resisting. And under this administration we have seen such a lack of dialogue through social media platforms and the spread of fake news. This show, while bringing the underground scene of drag to light for those unfamiliar with it, is also dedicated to having conversations on topics that matter to the Chicago community. We want to get debates out of the comments section and into actionable, positive dialogue.” — Dakota Conduct