Thots & Shares — A New Chicago Podcast

It’s rumored that Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race gets 5 New York girls and only 1 Chicago girl. Is that not a crime? Chicago is home to one of the BEST drag scenes in the WORLD and yet it’s frequently overlooked for her sister cities of NYC and LA.

I seek to change that.

Hello, my name is Dakota Conduct and I want to bring Chicago Drag to the world. I want to take the underground scene of drag and give it a platform to shine. I want to give Chicago queens an opportunity to let their voice be heard beyond the stage, and speak directly to their audience in a whole new way. How are we going to do this? Here’s how:

I am creating the best weekly Chicago drag podcast that comes to you every Tuesday with new episodes on Chicago drag, social media shares, and That Ho Over There. Launching Tuesday November 7th, this podcast, Thots & Shares, will be your one resource for new shows/events happening in the Chicago Drag scene and so much more.


Your Weekly Host Dakota Conduct

The concept is threefold: Chicago Drag. Social Media shares. Sexy Thots.

1. Chicago Drag

Drag is exploding, and yet Chicago is one of the only major cities not to have a prominent podcast covering the evolution of drag in their city. NYC has Grizzly Kiki; LA has UnBEARable with Meatball (and LA also has a small podcast called “What’s The Tee?” with RUPAUL). Even Columbus, Ohio has “Dragcast with Nina West”!

I am setting out to create Chicago’s best drag podcast that showcases Chicago drag, Chicago talent, and some of Chicago’s THOTiest boys, girls, and gender non-conforming members of our community.

The format features myself, Dakota Conduct, as host with each week a new Chicago Drag Queen as special guest cohost! We will discuss everything from trending topics on social media to brand new drag shows coming to Chicago to controversial debates on Facebook. Additionally this special guest cohost will be interviewed about who they are, what inspired their drag, and any big upcoming new shows or projects they are working on.

Some of your favorite Chicago Drag Queens who have already signed on to be a special guest cohost include: Lucy Stoole, Kat Sass, Dida Ritz, Veronica Pop, Auntie Chan, Mikki Miraj, Maureen SanDiego, Auntie Heroine, Lexi Pro Cute and many more!

Featured Cohosts

Just a few of the Weekly Special Cohosts signed on to join the show

2. Social Media Shares

Since much of the evolution of drag has come from the proliferation of social media, we want to provide raw dialogue on the latest trending topics, online observations, and debates. While we won’t call out queens by name (unless they want us to), we will be a place to have dialogue on the issues that matter most to our community. Whether that be shade, poking fun, T, or an epic debate, we want to get the dialogues out of the comments section and into a place where productive change can occur.

Anyone remember this T? We’ll talk about that and more.

3. Sexy Thots

We will weekly highlight a member of our community as the social media “Thot of the Week”! We are a body-positive podcast and will feature all members of our community–regardless of gender, color, or size–who are making strides to make Chicago even better than it is.

 4. What Else?

Chicago’s evolution of drag has been inspired by interest in shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Dragula, and therefore every week we will be discussing what’s going on in Drag on the national level, and relate it back to Chicago. Check back with us every week for our ‘thots’ on the latest episodes of Dragula, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and RPDR: All-Stars.


T on Dragula, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and RPDR: All-Stars

 5. Who is Dakota Conduct?

By day she works in corporate strategy, by night she’s a fabulous drag queen in Chicago who has a knack for networking and connecting with queens. She’s performed coast-to-coast from LA to New Orleans to New York City, and even internationally in Montreal. She’s taking her business marketing & media experience and putting it to use with this podcast, Thots & Shares, to highlight the amazing talent that is all over Chicago. She’s got a point of view and not afraid to share it, but is also quick to listen and evolve.


Your Host Dakota Conduct

…So, why?

Why am I doing this? It’s simple: we live in politically turbulent times, and it’s always the artists who help us make it out of chaos. Drag Queens started stonewall; Drag Queens fought for marriage equality; and today, Drag Queens are fighting Donald Trump. In the midst of this chaos I see debates raging on social media, and I want to help bring those dialogues out of comments sections and into productive conversation.

Beyond this, let’s be real: Chicago is the best damn city in the world and I want everyone to know.

Here is how we will showcase Chicago: Each episode we will kick off the show featuring music exclusively from Chicago musicians. Weekly we will have a different Chicago Drag Queen cohost and discuss trending topics local to the Chicago community. And lastly we will feature a Chicago LGBTQIA* member of the community as our “Thot of the Week”.

This show is FOR Chicago, BY Chicago. Let’s show the world what we got.

How do I get involved?

If you want to get involved, please:

  1. Add your email to our email distribution list at the bottom of this page and you will be the first to find out about our first episode!!
  2. Like our Facebook page.
  3. Follow our Instagram (@TASpodcast).
  4. SHARE THIS POST! Get the word out about a new podcast coming to Chicago!

We will be available on iTunes Podcast/RSS, Android/RSS, Soundcloud and through this website here!

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